More than 50% of people want to have Affairs

More than 50% of people want to have Affairs

Results from a recently published a survey run over the last six months which is continuing to be updated to provide ongoing useful information in the area.

The latest polls say:

How Many Affairs Have You Had ? (Total 1314 polls)

I’m Looking For My First 56.77%
1-3 26.56%
3-6 6.54%
I’ve Lost Count 5.02%
I’m here for other reasons 1.98%

Why Are You Looking For An Affair ? (Total 776 polls)

I’m Bored But Don’t Want To Upset What I’ve Got 39.30%
I Have A Sexless Relationship But I’m Still Active 31.57%
I Like The Excitement Of What An Affair Offers 24.48%
I Have An Open Relationship 4.64%

What are you looking for in a lover ? (Total 776 polls)

It’s The Whole Package That Interests Me 51.48%
I’m Only Interested In Sex 30.54%
Personality Is More Important 12.07%
Must Have Great Looks & Body 5.91%

What age on average is your lover ? (Total 218 polls)

Age Is Unimportant 44.04%
1 – 5 Years Younger 18.35%
5 – 10 Years Younger 11.47%
1 – 5 Years Older 11.47%
5 – 10 Years Older 7.34%
10 – 15 Years Younger 7.34%
Older 2.76%

A spokesperson said just like being gay was previously frowned upon, as society has evolved,  illicit encounters and marital affairs have now become more socially acceptable.  We anticipate about 70-80% of people are having or considering having an affair but the real figures will come out in our or other surveys.

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