Get Your Dating Emails Read

How to Get Your Dating Messages Read

One thing many people wonder about is how they can make sure that the people they are writing to on adult dating sites actually open to read the messages they are sending them. So, here are the methods to ensure that women at least look at your emails, instead of just deleting them.

Making sure your emails are opened and read is a very important step in the “Online Dating Game.” Many of the most attractive women on adult dating sites will receive a high volume of emails every day, and they can’t or more likely won’t, want to bother reading all of them.

You have to remember that most of the emails a sexy woman receives are very boring and generic, with comments such as “hey, you’re hot” or “look at my profile and get back to me as I’m sure we have a lot in common”. Yuck.

Messages like that DON’T WORK!! This is a fact that gets proven thousands of times a day on all dating sites. So, it’s a great idea to give a woman a clue that your email is above average before she even opens it, here are three ways to get that accomplished:

1. Have an acceptable screen-name Most women don’t wants to exchange emails with a guy calling himself “DragonSlayer80″ or “BigSexyRob90.” They are also turned of by weird, cutesy, poetic and otherwise strange screen-names. On the flip-side, boring generic names like “Steve5750″ or “UnitedFanJim” aren’t going to push your cause. You need to pick a name that makes you sound like a fun, interesting, cool guy with a positive self-image like: “ChazTheCharmer” or “DiamondDomD.”

2. Use a good subject-line Again “hey”,”hi” or “hello” are far better than something creepy or sexual, but they don’t guarantee your email will be opened. To give your emails get the best chance of being opened, say something about the girl to are writing to in the subject-line.

For instance I found a girl who in her profile headline said “I’m a nerdy vegetarian from Oregon”, so I the subject line in the email I sent her was, “Are you really a nerdy, vegetarian from Oregon? Because that’s EXACTLY what I’m looking for.” Now normally I don’t tell guys to say things like “you’re exactly what I’m looking for”, but in this case it works because it is obviously a joke… After all, who has got his heart set on a nerdy vegetarian? Making jokes that other guys don’t have the balls to make is CRUCIAL!

3. Have a good profile pic When a woman gets an email, the first thing she looks at is the picture of the guy who sent it. If your picture stinks, then you’re pretty much stuffed before you begin. If your pic is amazing, then you can often get away with nearly anything. Again, you don’t need to be “good-looking” to take a great picture. Just wear something stylish, display great body language & learn how to smile right.

It’s a well documented fact that most men fail miserably at online adult dating. If you want to get your dating emails read, and responded to promptly so you can actually meet up with and sleep with hot women, then try some of the above tips

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