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What is Adultery

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

What is Adultery

Marriage is usually associated with many happy events and moments. From the excitement  of the wedding day itself to major events of a couple’s life and all the unexpected and remarkable events in between, most couples look forward to enjoying each others companionship. But marriages, like other relationships, aren’t prone to being perfect, and there are often remains ample opportunities for conflict and disagreement between couples. One of the most prominent sources of such conflicts is adultary, an issue that has been prevalent in marriages since their inception as a social institution. In many instances, adultery is encountered by means of the discovery of a particular incident, but for some people, adultery in the form of “extra marital affair

The concept of marital affair may not be familiar to those who have never felt emotionally abandoned or betrayed by a partner, and those accused of such an act may feel that the accusation is baseless. The essence of illicit encounter, however, touches upon a major issue in adultery in general, which is the difference of opinion between partners in terms of their thoughts, feelings, and desires for the relationship. While some partners may look for frequent and undivided attention, others may wish to be free to explore their own interests and spend their time in having some adult fun. In a similar light, some couples may differ in terms of their conception of the bounds of the relationship; one may consider flirting with others a serious trespass, while the other may not give flirting a second thought.

Establishing personal and mutual goals for a marriage and being clear about expectations and wishes can significantly contribute to avoiding instances of emotional adultery. Though communicating about such elements of a relationship may seem to imply the possibility of marital problems, thus welcoming them to occur, open and honest discussion are typically able to prevent such problems, rather than allow them to creep up unexamined. Emotional adultery, like adultery itself, can be conquered when couples take a straightforward approach.