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Are all good anniversary jokes adult jokes?

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Are all good anniversary jokes adult jokes?

Not all good anniversary jokes are adult jokes, but many of them are. There is the old joke about the food that makes a woman stop wanting to have sex. When someone asks what that food is, the punch line and answer is wedding cake. Several anniversary jokes rely on sex as the punch line and are considered adult jokes. Most of them are not vulgar and are just considered a little blue humor. There is a difference between obscene adult jokes and ordinary jokes that are those written for adults to enjoy.

Not all of the anniversary jokes poke fun at the idea of a woman not wanting to have sex with a man after she has gotten him to tie the knot, although this is often the direction that most of these jokes take. These adult jokes are meant to be funny and not intended to insult the husband or wife. Some of the jokes make fun of the husband as well. There are plenty of jokes that you can use for an anniversary couple.

The type of jokes that you choose should depend on the situation. If someone is having a 50th wedding anniversary party, for example, you want to keep the jokes pretty tame. While you can kid the couple, this is a milestone in their lives that very few people reach and no one should want to ruin it by telling offensive and off color jokes. If it is a first anniversary, however, the jokes will come flying in.

Anyone can tell jokes if they learn the jokes by heart and also learn how to tell them. It is a good idea to tell a joke standing up and also using expressions with your face and your hands. While you do not want to appear too animated, you should not tell a joke with a straight face and no emotion as it may appear dull to people. There are some comediennes that can get away with this but they are in the minority. Most of those who practice comedy, either as an amateur or a professional, will use some sort of hand gestures and facial expressions to make the jokes even funnier.

You can find tons of jokes online that relate to anniversaries as well as adult humor. You want to be sure, when telling adult humor jokes, that you do not tell them in places where it would be inappropriate. It is best to tell adult jokes to adults and to those who can appreciate the humor without getting offended.

Not all anniversary jokes use sex as the primary source of the joke, but many of them do. If you want to learn some good jokes that can break up people, you can find plenty of adult jokes, right online.

Rehearsing a collection of my blue jokes. Heads up for other aspiring comedians—I like to brainstorm this way rather than writing jokes down, that way I can remember the way I deliver them.
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