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How To Talk To Her On A Date

Friday, October 15th, 2010

How To Talk To Her On A Date

You have prepared for this night.  The little details have been taken care of and she seems to be impressed.  The food is good, the ambiance is there & the music is inviting.  This is a great date in the making and you are very proud of yourself for a job well done.  She looks at you so intensely then, smiles ever so sweetly waiting for your next move.  She is waiting to be overwhelmed again by you, but this time, you know that it is time to talk.  It is time to open your mouth and hypnotize her with  deep and sexy words.  Yet when you attempt to do so, you are consumed by panic and struggle to start a lively conversation.  Do not fluster, you have landed on the right guide.  This article is made just for you.

How to talk to her on a date then?

It is not what you say but how you say it.

You might have heard this before & you might consider it a cliché, but believe it as it’s true.  The words you choose and the way you deliver them really matter.  Saying “That’s very interesting.” in a very dull tone while scanning your phone doesn’t really show you are interested.  You have to look at her and say it as if you really mean it.  Sincerity is the key.

When the lack of words comes along, turn to flattery.

This is very effective.  If you’re struggling to find something to say, just look at her and say, “God!  You are beautiful!”  With the application of the first tip, you will be saved from the awkward silence.  Women love being praised, but don’t overuse this secret weapon as you can end up  appearing insincere.

Humour makes sense.

Laughter is key in many conversations, this prevents dull moments.  A good jokes can make a conversation memorable.  It doesn’t mean that you have to throw in a joke every time.  You don’t want to look like a clown in front of a beautiful woman, right?  Don’t get me wrong, it’s is okay to throw in jokes.  If you really think it is funny then, by all means, express it.  Believe your own joke.  Just bear in mind that like flattery, overdoing jokes can be a bad move.

At the end of the date

This is how you should grandly end a great night. As she reaches for her door, thank her for a wonderful night. Tell her in a very how she’s made your day memorable and that you will spend the night dreaming about her.  Being truthful can be tricky too, you don’t want to come out like some obsessed freak who will end up stalking her.  You don’t want to scare her off already.

Showing everything that you’ve got in one date is not good.  This will make the follow-up dates (if there are any) boring.  Be sincere yet sprinkle a few funny notes and praises on the sides but keep some things in reserve.  Make yourself mysterious because women love mystery.  You have to be someone they look forward to seeing again.